Product Descriptions

SURE-FORM  Non-Silicone Thermally Conductive Gap Filler was developed by AOS in response to the growing demand in electronics for increased thermal transfer efficiency in applications when surface textures vary and the space between surfaces is uneven.  

SURE-FORM  is highly conformable and is an excellent replacement for silicone elastomer gap fillers, which require significant pressure to achieve 100 percent surface contact. SURE-FORM is easy to use and offers all the benefits and performance of thermal grease without the limitations in application and handling.



Technical Advantages                                                   
  • High-performance gap-filler pad
  • Easily conforms to uneven surfaces with minimal pressure
  • Will not melt, flow or drip
  • Naturally tacky and re-workable
    (in sheet form)

Suggested Application

  • SURE-FORM retains all the unique advantages of thermal grease but in the form of a gap filler material
  • SURE-FORM is a highly conformable, soft, naturally tacky gap filling material for use in applications where minimum stress is placed on components.
  • SURE-FORM will conform to any shape and/or size of a component enabling complete physical contact, so as to minimize the resistance to heat flow and to achieve the best thermally conductive path.
  • The natural tackiness of SURE-FORM® allows two surfaces to be in contact with minimum pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • SURE-FORM’s highly conformable nature allows the pad to fill all voids between a heat generating device and heat sink metal chassis.
  • Non-Silicone formula is advantageous for optical applications and high compression loads.
  • SURE-FORM conducts heat away from individual
    components and into metal covers, frames or
    spreader plates.
  • SURE-FORM offers unique advantages in applications
    such as microprocessors, cache chips, heat pipe
    interposer plates, laptop PCs, high-density handheld
    portable electronics, electronic ballasts & various
    automotive applications.

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